What did I discover?

When the Norwegian National Television (NRK) broadcasted the documentary called Shakespeare - The Hidden Truth, showing Petter Amundsen and his Rosicrucian Codes in Shakespeare, I had already worked with Rosicrucian codes for many years. Sometime in the late 1990s there was an American who was commissioned to travel to Germany to get a copy of a hitherto forgotten document. I was one of the few who were allowed to get access to this document at that time. The inventor, theologian, mathematician and craftsman Orffyreus (1680-1745) had a secret sketchbook. This book has since his death, been lying in a dusty library in Kassel, Germany. The invention was so special and seemingly ingenious that nobody dared to really believe in him. A self-propelled machine was too good to be true. But along with this notebook was also found the original royal certificates stating that all scientists appointed by princes and kings, over a 13 year period, approved the machine as a self-propelled machine! The machine worked and it also produced energy! But this should not be possible!? Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz writes that the machine was not driven by outside forces (cheating), but that a hitherto unknown principle or substance drove the machine constantly from the inside. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is today recognized as a genius. Leibniz was Newton's greatest challenger and Leibniz' calculus is now preferred over Newton?s calculus. The machine's longest and most thorough test took place at Castle Weissenstein in Kassel, and lasted for 2 months. The test was overseen by military guards, which again was overseen by the inventor's private guards. Due to several unfortunate circumstances, and a machine that was too good to be true, it was never carried out a bargain. In his last letters, we can see that he's tired, poor and hungry, but finally have sold machine to a member of the Royal Society of England! Sadly, while he is waiting for the envoys from England, Orffyreus dies. The machine, which are partially disassembled in his home, disappears and the sketchbook and other papers that his wife submits to the German authorities, is the only thing we now can rely on.

In the sketchbook we can read that it contains a secret. What was his secret? Is there a code? What does the code say? Was the machine the real deal? Was it an all-time deception, or did he just use alcohol to drive his machines? Or was Orffyreus the keeper of the "Holy Grail" of science? Free and green energy and a superior knowledge about nature?
After over 10 years of study, I could finally prove the first code!! The document contained several codes that can be proven! From there, it just snowballed?

What I eventually noticed was that the code referred to other works and others' secret codes in history. This turned out to be Rosicrucian codes. This was the same brotherhood that Petter Amundsen had found in Shakespeare! Could it be that I had found the real code and key to this secret brotherhood? This society was reportedly hiding secrets way back from ancient Egypt. The code I found tells about a secret stone that explains the truth about "The Holy Grail" and "The Stone of the Wise? (Also called the philosopher?s stone). The code says that this knowledge was the basis of Rosicrucian existence and what is actually hidden in Shakespeare's first folio, and also in several other writings and paintings, both before and after in history. It is a tradition that is preserved and a brotherhood that is being kept alive. It would also appear that the knowledge of the methods is still alive today .... But who knows the codes? And why would they still not speak, or document them in the textbooks?

In the book I have written, I travel to find just this weird stone that Orffyreus leads us to. The stone that gives the finder both great knowledge and wealth. When I found the stone, I quickly discovered that it is precisely this stone that has been hidden in so many paintings and writings for hundreds of years.

Finally, the big question; If the inventor Orffyreus encoded "The Hidden Codes of History" in his secret sketchbook. Does this code also mention something about his secret and ultimate invention? Was a code, the reason that he believed that he would become recognized after his death? Did he use a code to patent his mysterious machine? What was the unknown substance inside? Or did perhaps encode how he managed to trick Europe's leading scientists for most of his life? These were the answers I was looking for all the time ... Something about the story lead me to believe something special was going on.

I will soon come forward to demonstrate the simple genius codes in world famous monument and pictures. I will show that the methods revealed by Orffyreus? papers are very specific, straightforward and consistent. There exists a widespread method and historical methods are being kept alive. We also see the outlines of two different worldviews. The religion with its sacred cup, and science and philosophy with their strange, magic stone. Both were called "the Holy Grail". Therefore, I have called the first document "Two Grails".

I seek publishers or others interested in working towards a publication of my findings through 20 years of research into hitherto hidden codes of history.
Orffyreus (1680-1745)
Front page of his secret sketchbook.